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I became a real estate broker in the state of Washington in March of 2017 to help people buy or sell homes (including myself). I was able to retire in March at the age of 55 after a 30+ year career as an Engineer/Engineering Manager split between Boeing and Microsoft and decided to take my "hobby" of real estate, and make it my focus. (I have been an "amateur" in real estate and a property manager for myself for over 15 years, managing our former-homes-turned-rental-homes in Seattle.) I love seeing different homes, inside and out, and I love helping people, so I decided to get my real estate broker's license.

My wife and I spent almost 2 years researching areas around Seattle and looking at homes before we bought the one we live in now in Bellevue in 2011, so I'm comfortable with taking your time and finding a home that's right for you. We looked in many different areas and researched several different school districts. I know that everyone has different needs and wants, and will work with you to help you find a home that you love, or to sell the home that has become part of your family and is full of memories.

Buying or selling a home is a big decision emotionally and financially, and should not be taken lightly or jumped into too quickly. I will work with you to make sure I understand what your needs, wants, and goals are; and will work with you to fill them. I will never push you into a deal or try to convince you to buy or sell a home. I will share my expertise, my opinion of the market, and offer my advice, but he decision is yours to make.

Please contact me via email, text, messenger, or phone if you are looking for help with buying or selling a home, or if you'd just like to meet for a cup of coffee and a good discussion about real estate (or the Mariners or Seahawks).